Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bringing my "A" game

Alright, alright. I know I need to bring it for this post. Your comments don't go unnoticed. So here's a jacked-up, Barry Bonds-style edition, straight from Taiwan.

(more on taiwanese life coming soon...)

On Monday night, I played guitar and started producing a song written by my friend Paul.

We recorded at the Hook, a club in Red Hook, Brooklyn. There is a studio in the basement co-run by my boy Tony.

I took a couple of pics of the neighborhood on the way to a bodega to buy batteries:

The session went really well. The tune, "World Trade," is an irreverant, punk-metal take on gay sex, terrorism and perceptions of the exotic. I know that sounds like an academic thesis, but the song is both hilarious and politically pointed. Paul's friends Ismael and Diallo formed a relaxed yet tighty rhythm section, while guest-vocalist Jane dished out some sassy backgrounds.

(that's Ishmael)

(Diallo with Paul)

(Paul and Jane in a publicity still for "The Fantastiks")

We all performed with soul, but Jane proved that soul can most definitely grow in New Jersey. This fact was also evident (sidenote) in a daytrip Vera and I took to the faded glory of Asbury Park:

(sidenote finished - back to the session) After laying down the instrumental tracks, we headed over to the bar Moonshine. Paul, Tony, Jane and I engaged in some serious Connect Four.

I was thoroughly creaming everybody until I lost my mental game, like late-80s Agassi. Despite that crushing turn of events, it was a good night of work and play. I'm glad there will be more time to hang with those folks as we begin the overdub and mixing phases.

But for now, I'm chilling in Asia.


Brian said...

Alright, better but next time, give links to high res photos - there's nothing worse than postage stamp sized hipsters.

Hope you're having fun on the far side.

Anonymous said...

The way you support your personal observations with pics and info, so we can connect it to something tangible, and it aint just the musings of some a-hole, is appreciated. The only problem was the picture of my bald head.

thb said...

So you're hanging out in Red Hook, and you don't even bother to come by and say hi. Yeah, way to show the "love" baby...your ass is permanently exiled to the rhythm section, no more front-line shit for you. And everything is going to be in F# from here on out.