Saturday, July 28, 2007

Space is the Place

Tonight I played at the Whitney Museum as part of a tribute to Sun Ra. It was a fun show. The rhythm section (I love being part of the "rhythm section," usually I'm the center of attention, by default nature of the rawk) improvised while the horns played around the upstairs lobby. Eventually they joined us downstairs in the performance area and we played a 5-part suite written by my buddy/musical ally Taylor Ho Bynum. Another friend in the band, Keith Witty, played a really sweet solo. Keith is a also a sweet guy, but gets points taken off for saying my pants looked tight. Well Keith, let's see how you look after giving birth to your first child. It's no picnic, I can tell you that much. And bring your bass head next time (oh snap, yes I did go there!!!) Actually, he was told they had one, so TECHNICALLY it wasn't his fault. Of course, I always bring two full guitar rigs in case of a situation like that. But we can't all strive for perfection (double snap!!!) If there was a drawback at the show, it was stage sound, which was not good at all. Apparently it was better in the crowd. I wish that dynamic was the exception for shows and not the norm. Oh...I sometimes miss the days (2 total) of rock star treatment with Black Gold, where we got a decent soundcheck, a LOT of free booze and an 8-person team to carry our equipment. But aaartsy fartsy has it's own wonderful rewards.

After the show I went upstairs with Vera and my friend Paul to check out the psychedelic art show. It was actually really good. I wish we had more time to check everything out. Those kids really knew how to combine pop and abstraction, which is kinda my "raison d'etre."

Mon dieu! I'm very pretentious. Fawk off ya frickin fuckas, I'm off to friggin Baastan tommorra. My high school friend Lee just had a kid, Ethan Bonham. Yes, like that Bonham. Lee had the best yearbook quote EVER - "I will run with the bulls of Spain because I am Lee."

enuf said.


T said...

dont be bloggin if you cant keep that shit up-people need content-thats what sells.

Brian said...

Sorry but this blog is lacking...hmm...zazzzzz. You're going to need to zazz it up a bit and maybe add some zazz - I recommend loud, looping distorting music that can't be turned off and animated, dancing Jesusisus. Whatever the plural of Jesus is. Multiple Jesui. Whatever, lots of them.

Now THATS a webpage.