Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Jams

Hey yall!

Summer's almost half over and my soundtrack for the season is a small assortment of quality tunes/albums (which you can download here), but nothing that rises to the status of

In years past, there's been one song (Twin Shadow,"Slow", summer 2010) or album (The Mars Volta, De-Loused in the Comatorium, summer 2003) that has been joyfully and obsessively repeated because of it's ability to capture the wanderings of my imagination (sunny or otherwise) for the months of July and August. That hasn't happened yet this summer, and it's been a strange absence.

But this is most likely because I've been obsessing over my own new song, "Hard", which you can now download for free (along with a newly remastered "Body") over at my Bandcamp page. While "summer jams" usually connote boombox blasts at a bbq in the park or harnessing the emotional pull of a perfect midday sun, these two songs are more in the spirit of a hazy, humid, late night love prowl or gettin down to it at your boo's place. A"Summer Jams, After Hours Edition", if you will.