Sunday, January 1, 2012

Yes, TECHNICALLY it's 2012...

...but most of you are drunk or asleep (or both). So let me revisit 2011 for a moment and sneak in my list of personal jams of the year.

I say "personal" because some of these songs may not have been released in 2011, but they were fresh to me and got heavy rotation.

So in no particular order (and available for download here):

Song of Solomon / Animals As Leaders
side one / Earthless
Caroline / Fleetwood Mac
Too Much MIDI (Please Forgive Me) / Ford and Loptatin
Novacane / Frank Ocean
Glass Jar / Gang Gang Dance
White Rune / Iceage
Frame By Frame / King Crimson
Claudia Lewis / M83
Fallout / Neon Indian
More Than This / Roxy Music
Two Rivers (feat. Heems) / Small Black
Seed of Memory / Terry Reid
A Little Effort Goes Away / Ahleuchatistas

It's the Year of the Dragon by the way, so prepare for the angel and the serpent to come in many forms (Chinese, Korean, Rourke, etc)...