Saturday, April 10, 2010

Electro at a Price

Got shut out of the Washed Out show in Williamsburg tonight, bummed.

Decided I didn't want that happening again with another show, so spent a little time seeing when LCD Soundsystem was playing here. Found this interesting ad:

I have an extra LCD soundsystem ticket. If you are a hot/cute/sexy chick, preferably hipster looking and/or with tatoos, between the ages of 17 - 35, love james murphy, ride a bike, have a strong affinity for all things craigslist, and can dance, I am offering up one lcd soundsystem ticket at the cost of: face value ($20) + 10 second make out sesh w/me + 1 dance w/me at the show. Interested? Yes? Good! Shoot me an e-mail. p4p (if you don't hang out on craigslist, that's lingo for "pic for pic")

Disclaimer: If you are fun to hang out with, you can exchange some fun/witty conversation instead of the 10 second make out sesh. If you are NOT fun to hang out, then you better be a good kisser.

About me: 24, love music, have great dance moves (obviously), and love meeting new people

Seems like this could be a joke. Or then obviously it's creepy. Is the goal of hip daters to cleverly obscure genuine sentiment until a level of intimacy is established?

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