Friday, October 16, 2009

Who is this guy?

Has anyone noticed he's been in almost every significant comedy of the last 2 years? He's the asian Forrest Gump of comedy. How come more people aren't talking about him? Regardless of the quality of the project, he's always hilarious and is arguably better than similarly ubiquitous "it" comic Zach Galifianakis. So let's learn a bit more about

Ken Jeong

According to my sources (cough, imdb, cough), Jeong has an interesting backstory:

"After graduating from Duke University & attaining his MD at the University of North Carolina, Ken completed his Internal Medicine residency in New Orleans while developing a cult comedy following. While in New Orleans, Ken won the Big Easy Laff-Off. Late NBC president Brandon Tartikoff and Improv founder Budd Friedman judged the competition and advised Ken to move to Los Angeles. Once residing in LA, Ken began performing regularly at the Improv & Laugh Factory. Soon after he appeared on ABC's The View and was named 'The Funniest Doctor in America.' Subsequent appearances on Comedy Central & BET cemented his reputation as a comic who appeals to a wide variety of audiences."

Jeong made an audacious film debut as an asshole doctor in "Knocked Up"

He followed that up with cameos and supporting roles in a slew of high profile tv shows and films:

Not a bad list for a 40 year-old doctor, eh? Hopefully Jeong will soon get the props he deserves. And thankfully, this shows that Hollywood is finally moving on from the dark days of Long Duck Dong.

Here's a great outtake of Jeoung from "Knocked Up".

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