Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pre-Holiday Shred

Red Lights played last weekend at this weird bar in Tribeca. It was a decent size, but didn't seem to have regular customers and the sound was (as usual) crappy. Luckily Jared (the promoter and guitar player in Shrine of the Black Madonna) brought in some peeps. We played ok, definitely better than the Halloween show. But this line-up could use a few more gigs to really gel. I just wish we could hone our chops somewhere besides the bottom-feeder, NYC rock club circuit.

There was one nice moment of guitar wankery at the show, captured by my pal Alan Roth:

Right now I'm knee-deep in the world of recorded material. The Red Lights to Rio tunes should be mastered soon and I'm finishing up a solo ep of my Evan Patrick stuff. I'm also editing sound and performing live (along with cornetist and fellow blogger Taylor Ho Bynum) for a dance piece by my friends Abby and Pei Pei, which will be performed this Monday at Judson Church. And it's FREE!

Have a good Thanksgiving/stick it to the red man/nice family time/long weekend!!!!

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