Monday, October 29, 2007


photo by amani willet

So I'm playing with my band, Red Lights to Rio, on Wednesday at Trash in Williamsburg at 8pm. For those of you who know my line-up saga, this will be guitarist #4. But he's a ringer. Adam Caine is an old friend of mine from my early NYC days of playing in a free-jazz-pop-metal band. He's got a real skronk sound that should fit our tunes nicely.

Adam will be flanked by the ever solid fingerings of our Argentinian bassist, Jony. Jony's been a real find after the sad departure of last bassist. He's quickly fit into our musical family, bringing real professionalism, technique and enthusiasm to the music.

And I am still very lucky to be working with the estimable Don McKenzie on drums. The name of this post is actually a phrase he likes to use when waxing poetic on his years in the music business. He's worked with an impressive group of musicians (Veron Reid, Elliot Sharp, Marc Ribot, the infamous P. Diddy) and will sometimes say "I've been in this game a minute" when trying to "school" me on some music knowledge. It's an ongoing battle of wills, but I'm happy to have a foil to make the music the best it can be. And we both enjoy the game.

So come hear how these flammable entities ignite in ROCK AND ROLL FIRE!!!!!

(too much?)

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